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     My son recently got his new place and I gifted him a year's worth of cleaning services through Becontree Carpet Cleaning Services. I am so glad I did. Thank you for a great service.
Kelly V.01/12/2015
     I'm more than happy with the upholstery cleaning service provided to me by Carpet Cleaner Becontree. The results were better than I could have hoped for, and now my living room furniture is completely sanitary and stain-free! I can't thank my cleaner enough for saving me hours of cleaning and stress!
Stephanie T.14/10/2015
     We had been avoiding the kitchen cleaning for some time now, as we were not comfortable with the idea of hiring professional cleaning services. When the cleaners of BecontreeCarpetCleaners came in for a consultation, they assured us about the methods they use. The oven had a lot of spill over stains. It was cleaned perfectly and it is now bright as new. The tiles were scrubbed and the counters were rubbed off the grease. Great work.
     I hate cleaning my sofas so I let BecontreeCarpetCleaners take care of it. Their professional staff ensure that I get the best cleaning results without needing to do any work. I get to enjoy spotless sofas without any of the work and if that sounds like something you'd be interested in, then I'm sure they can help.
Joyce Bowen31/07/2015
     We are pet parents to 2 gorgeous dogs. They shed a lot of hair around the house especially on the carpet. We booked an appointment for carpet cleaning online with Carpet Cleaning Company Becontr. The team came equipped with brushes and heavy duty machinery. We were worried about the noise level in the house as it would distress our dogs. They assured us that these machines would not be loud. In a few hours, the carpet was hair free again. We absolutely loved the service.
Bill Palmer08/05/2015
     Thanks to BecontreeCarpetCleaners I no longer have to worry about finding the time to clean my home. I have hired both the carpet cleaning and one-off cleaning service from this company, and both have been nothing short of perfect. I'll be hiring these cleaners on a regular basis from now on, after seeing such excellent results!
     It was my first time throwing a Halloween party, and whilst I know exactly how to make a party a success, I have no clue when it comes to clearing it all up the next morning! It was lucky then that I had BecontreeCarpetCleaners on hand, as recommended for me by my mother. The mess was gone almost at once, and all the areas were glistening and clean when I got back. I'm so impressed with the level of service, as well as the affordability, that I'll be definitely calling them back again!
Simon T.05/11/2014
     I collect a lot of glass mementos and my kitchen is stocked to the brim with glassware, so house cleaning is fraught with more perils than it should ideally be! After a couple of broken pieces and tonnes of money lost working with semi-professional cleaners I decided the only way I could enjoy professional cleaning services without worrying myself was to work with a really reputed agency like BecontreeCarpetCleaners. Before fixing the details I explained the specific needs of my situation and the team was really helpful, even taking the time to walk me through the different cleaning products and tools and the strategies they'd be using to keep all my glassware safe. Love the initiative!
Lisa Lee19/09/2014
     It takes a lot to impress me, so imagine my surprise when BecontreeCarpetCleaners blew my expectations out of the water. I was anticipating just another cleaning service like the half dozen or so I've already tried, but I got so much more than that. These cleaners aren't just friendly, they're properly equipped for the job. They've got cleaning agents that seem to take care of everything - even stains that I couldn't get rid of. Honestly, if you're in need of a professional cleaner, there's no other in the area that I'd recommend more. My house has never looked better.
Stephanie L.21/08/2014
     I wanted my apartment cleaned after working in another part of the country for a year. I had left the house empty and on my return home I discovered how dusty and grubby the place looked. I called a local firm BecontreeCarpetCleaners and asked for a cleaning service as soon as possible. The appointment was made for the next day and the cleaners arrived on time and with lots of cleaning products and tools. The ladies worked very hard dusting the cobwebs and grime from my home. They really covered every little detail. When they finished it looked marvelous.
Kerry Dominick24/07/2014
     This is an excellent and flawless cleaning company and I don't know what I'd do without their office cleaning service. BecontreeCarpetCleaners have really experienced cleaners who know exactly what to do to get my office into shape. I chose this company because of their experience and professionalism and I'm constantly amazed and impressed with their office cleaning service as they seem to excel themselves every single week. My employees and I are more than happy with what it a fantastically professional and affordable service. Well done and a massive thanks to the cleaners who help me out week after week!
     BecontreeCarpetCleaners have been looking after and cleaning my home for four years and I can honestly say that I have had no problems in that time. I love coming home and smelling how fresh the house is as and enjoying how clean everything is and I no longer have to meticulously remove the dog hairs from the sofa or scrub the shower or bathroom. They are brilliant with their organisation and punctuality, always on time and happy to rearrange when it is not available. They even cleaned when I was on holiday so I came back to a fresh home.
Joanna Stapleton08/04/2014

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